Webinar: Top Secret – The Protection of Trade secrets in the US and in Europe under the new European Directive

Developing and maintaining effective and efficient trade secret protection policies and practices can be challenging in our increasingly digitized world. The European Union’s Trade Secrets Directive, which all member countries were required to implement, is intended to protect against the unlawful obtaining, use, and disclosure of business secrets. In addition, a bill recently introduced in the German parliament would add new protections, including a narrowing of the definition of “trade secrets.”

Join this webinar as attorneys from our U.S., Berlin, Paris, and London offices provide an overview of recent developments and offer insight on what employers need to know about protecting their valuable trade secrets and intellectual property.

Topics will include the following:

• What constitutes a trade secret
• The interaction of European law with the United States’
Defend Trade Secrets Act and state laws
• The impact of developments on U.S. companies
operating in Europe
• How to prepare for coming changes
• Global trade secrets best practices

Webinar: A Global Perspective for U.S. Employers: Understanding Employment Laws in Germany and the U.K.

In today‘s global economy, international businesses need integrated solutions to a variety of global employment issues. Join attorneys from our Berlin and London offices for an overview of the differences and similarities in labor laws between the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Topics will include:

• The hiring process and employers’ obligations at the commencement of employment

• Differences in international requirements during employment, with a focus on discrimination

• Issues that may emerge at the end of the employment relationship

• Data privacy, arbitration, and other hot topics for employers in Europe