Due to the worrisome situation in Ukraine, many Ukrainians are currently leaving their home country and fleeing to the EU, including Germany. More than 160,000 Ukrainian refugees (as of March 16, 2022) have already been registered in Germany. Despite the main humanitarian concern and the further course of the conflict, many refugees, but also companies in Germany, are wondering whether and how the Ukrainians who fled can be supported and integrated into the German labor market on short notice. In principle, refugees from Ukraine are initially allowed to enter Germany without a visa or residence permit until May 23, 2022. They do not have to apply for asylum. Ultimately, this applies to all people who resided in Ukraine shortly before or at the outbreak of the war, regardless of their nationality.

However, in order to be allowed to start employment, refugees must register at the Immigration Authority responsible for their new place of residence or stay. In Berlin, the State Office for Immigration (LEA) will soon provide an online tool for this purpose. In this portal, the respective personal data as well as the address in Ukraine and the one in Berlin have to be entered. After registration, the refugees can receive a so-called Certificate of Fiction (“Fiktionsbescheinigung”) via e-mail, which (temporarily) entitles them  to  start employment in Germany immediately, in addition to a claim to social benefits and medical care. Furthermore, after the registration, an appointment can be made to apply for a residence permit.

According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Ukrainian refugees do not need to have  a concrete job offer as an exception. If the relevant requirements are met, the residence permit is initially issued for a limited period of one year and entitles to an unrestricted access to the labor market. Both, employment and self-employment are permitted with this residence permit. In Berlin, it will soon also be possible to apply digitally.

For companies, this means that they can relatively quickly employ people who have fled from Ukraine and often are well qualified. We are happy to answer  your questions or support you with the application procedure related to hiring potential employees.



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