For the fourth year in a row, the career network for LGBTIQ+ lawyers, ALICE, published its “Show your face” list. This unique list presents successful and LGBTIQ+ lawyers* who are out of the closet in Germany and who make a strong statement against homophobia and discrimination in the legal profession. Today, May 17, IDAHOBIT, the International Day Against LGBTIQ+ Discrimination, commemorates the removal of homosexuality from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) diagnostic catalog just 33 years ago.

In Germany, LGBTIQ+ lawyers still face challenges when it comes to living openly with their sexual orientation in a currently still quite conservative legal work environment. ALICE’s “Show your face” campaign is committed to improving this situation by showcasing over 70 successful out-of-the-closet LGBTIQ lawyers to encourage other LGBTIQ lawyers not to hide in the workplace.

We are very pleased that our Counsel Andre Appel is again part of the new list. As a lawyer and employment law specialist in the Berlin office of Ogletree Deakins, he advises and represents clients in all matters relating to employment and data protection law.

“It should go without saying that you shouldn’t have to hide who you are in the workplace. Unfortunately, many LGBTQ+ lawyers* worldwide have to remain in the closet,” Andre Appel emphasizes. “I am very happy to be part of the ‘Show Your Face’ campaign, as I fully support ALICE in its efforts to promote more diversity and inclusion in the legal work environment.”

For more information about ALICE and the “Show Your Face” campaign, visit their official website: