Do you want to employ refugees from Ukraine in Germany? This is what you should consider

Due to the worrisome situation in Ukraine, many Ukrainians are currently leaving their home country and fleeing to the EU, including Germany. More than 160,000 Ukrainian refugees (as of March 16, 2022) have already been registered in Germany. Despite the main humanitarian concern and the further course of the conflict, many refugees, but also companies in Germany, are wondering whether and how the Ukrainians who fled can be supported and integrated into the German labor market on short notice.

International Women’s Day 2022: German Employment Law Reforms for equality that have been enacted during the last years

International Women’s Day, which draws attention to women’s rights and gender equality worldwide, has been celebrated since 1911. Inequalities often still exist for women, particularly in the working environment. In order to counteract this drawback of the legislator, a number of important employment law innovations have been enacted in the recent years, which are presented below: