Can the employer claim back a sign-in bonus?

Depending on the position to be filled, employers often offer desired applicants a sign-in bonus at the conclusion of the employment contract. This of course makes a job change much more attractive for the new employee, and at the same time such a sign-in bonus can compensate for any losses in variable salary components that may occur when the old employment relationship is terminated.

Do employees have a right to work from home?

The spread of the coronavirus in Germany has led to an epidemic situation of national importance. The declaration of this situation by the German Bundestag is a unique process which, as is not difficult to see, has a deep impact on many areas of life. The epidemic situation and the associated restrictions lead to in some cases extreme deviations, especially in the working environment. During the corona pandemic, a large number of employers have switched to enabling their employees to work from home. Through that, it became possible to reduce the impact of the pandemic on companies to some extent.