After-Work-Shop: Company Benefits – More for Employees

A continuing shortage of skilled labor and the increasing desire of employees and applicants for individualized working conditions characterize the current personnel landscape. Companies are increasingly focusing on retaining existing employees and attracting qualified new ones. At the same time, companies want to offer more innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly services such as company bicycles

Business Breakfast: Update on UK Employment Law – A breakfast seminar aimed at HR Professionals with responsibility for employees in the UK

Great Britain is undisputedly an important trading partner and business location for German and other European companies and will remain so after Brexit. Therefore, in an increasingly global and internationally intertwined business world, it is important for HR managers with responsibility for employees in the UK to have their finger on the pulse of UK employment law developments.

What should HR managers know about British employment law and the differences to German law? What are the key features of UK employment law which impact HR management? What are the employment law risks in connection with Brexit?

Join our London office partner – Roger James – for an informative breakfast briefing on Thursday, November 29th, 2018 in Berlin and learn more about issues companies with employees in the UK need to consider.

Topics will include:

Who to consult with in the absence of Works Councils?
Dealing with sickness, performance and misconduct – similarities and differences to German law
Redundancies – when can an employer terminate and what are the costs and process?
Brexit update – the impact for employers
UK legislation update – Gender Pay Reporting and new UK Corporate Governance Code
Q & A session – ask the questions you want answered on UK employment law


Speaker: Roger James // Partner at Ogletree Deakins – London.

Webinar: Top Secret – The Protection of Trade secrets in the US and in Europe under the new European Directive

Developing and maintaining effective and efficient trade secret protection policies and practices can be challenging in our increasingly digitized world. The European Union’s Trade Secrets Directive, which all member countries were required to implement, is intended to protect against the unlawful obtaining, use, and disclosure of business secrets. In addition, a bill recently introduced in the German parliament would add new protections, including a narrowing of the definition of “trade secrets.”

Join this webinar as attorneys from our U.S., Berlin, Paris, and London offices provide an overview of recent developments and offer insight on what employers need to know about protecting their valuable trade secrets and intellectual property.

Topics will include the following:

• What constitutes a trade secret
• The interaction of European law with the United States’
Defend Trade Secrets Act and state laws
• The impact of developments on U.S. companies
operating in Europe
• How to prepare for coming changes
• Global trade secrets best practices

AfterWorkShop: Verraten und verkauft! Folgen des geplanten Gesetzes zum Schutz von Geschäftsgeheimnissen für die arbeits- und strafrechtliche Praxis

Top Secret?!

In der heutigen Zeit der rasanten industriellen Entwicklung stellen Geschäftsgeheimnisse – seien es Baupläne, Rezepturen oder Algorithmen – unschätzbare immaterielle Werte von Unternehmen dar. Daher ist der effektive und effiziente Schutz von Geschäfts- und Betriebsgeheimnissen ein wesentlicher wirtschaftlicher Erfolgsfaktor unserer zunehmend digitalisierten Welt.

Seit kurzem liegt ein Referentenentwurf für ein Gesetz über den Schutz vertraulicher Geschäftsinformationen (Geschäftsgeheimnisse) vor und soll als neues Stammgesetz Unternehmen Schutz vor rechtswidriger Erlangung, Nutzung und Offenlegung von Geschäftsgeheimnissen bieten.

Join our AfterWorkShop

Aus diesem Anlass lädt Ogletree Deakins gemeinsam mit der Strafrechtskanzlei Danckert Bärlein Sättele zum AfterWorkShop  “Verraten und verkauft!” am 14. November 2018 in die Alte Schmiede ein.

Gemeinsam werden die Referenten über dieses sehr praxisrelevante Thema und die Auswirkungen des bevorstehenden Gesetzesentwurfes informieren und ihren Gästen Handlungsempfehlungen an die Hand geben, damit Unternehmen aus arbeitsrechtlicher sowie strafrechtlicher Sicht auf der sicheren Seite sind.

GetTogether in der Alten Schmiede (EUREF Campus)

Gemeinsam mit unseren Gästen freuen wir uns im Anschluss an die Vorträge (ca. 20.00 Uhr) auf einen interessanten Erfahrungsaustausch beim lockeren Get-Together.

Webinar: A Global Perspective for U.S. Employers: Understanding Employment Laws in Germany and the U.K.

In today‘s global economy, international businesses need integrated solutions to a variety of global employment issues. Join attorneys from our Berlin and London offices for an overview of the differences and similarities in labor laws between the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Topics will include:

• The hiring process and employers’ obligations at the commencement of employment

• Differences in international requirements during employment, with a focus on discrimination

• Issues that may emerge at the end of the employment relationship

• Data privacy, arbitration, and other hot topics for employers in Europe